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Network Hub and Cable

MC Data Solutions provides Professional  IT Services implementing design, plan, install and configuring computer workstations, maintain servers and network hardware, monitor performance, troubleshooting and diagnose any problem.


We are committed to professional computer services, technical expertise, and business-oriented consulting. With over 28 years of experience, we are the right call. 


Our client list include some well known DFW businesses: Doctors Offices, Clinics, Home Health Agencies, Top Real Estate Companies, Churches, Religious Organizations, Law Offices and Insurance Agencies, Constructing a new building or industry is out of our reach.

US-based, we offer remote desktop support that is second to none, our staff are certified IT professionals that will be able to troubleshoot and fix most problems in 1 hour or less.


We use secured remote desktop services like Logmein, Splashtop, and Teamviewer to connect to your computer and leave no trace of the software once disconnected from our data center. We can troubleshoot and resolve most problems with over 20 years of professional experience. 

Business, Technology, Internet and netwo
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